Apache (Incubating) Quickstep

Quickstep is a project started out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s now an Apache (incubating) project!

Current UW Team

UW Alums

The case against specialized graph analytics engines, J. Fan, G. Soosai Raj, and J. M. Patel. CIDR 2015. Slides.

QuickFOIL: Scalable Inductive Logic Programming, Q. Zeng, J. M. Patel, and D. Page. VLDB 2015.

Profiling R on a Contemporary Processor, S. Sridharan and J. M. Patel, VLDB 2015 (to appear). Extended paper.
Download code and scripts.

WideTable: An Accelerator for Analytical Data Processing, Y. Li and J. M. Patel, VLDB 2014. blog.

Design and Evaluation of Storage Organizations For Read-Optimized Main-Memory Databases, C. Chasseur and J. M. Patel, VLDB 2014.
Download v0.1 of the Quickstep Storage Manager, released under license; start with the README file.

BitWeaving: Fast Scans for Main Memory Data Processing, Y. Li and J. M. Patel, SIGMOD 2013.

Enabling JSON Document Stores in Relational Systems, C. Chasseur, Y. Li, and J. M. Patel, WebDB 2013.
Download the Argo mapping layer. Download the NoBench benchmark.


Quickstep is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grants IIS-0963993 and IIS-1250886.